Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Yes Dorthy..We Are In Kansas

Guess What?!?!?!  The stop in Abilene, Kansas was designed for the opportunity to visit the Eisenhower Presidential Museum and Boyhood Home.  BUT – OMG – we learned that the No. 1 rated golf course in Kansas is only an hour away from Abilene!!  What else could we do but get up before the sun and head to Manhattan (not that Manhattan – but, they do refer to themselves as “The Little Apple”!!) to hit the links before it got too hot.  And, leave us time to return for the Museum visit.

Turns out, the Colbert Hills Municipal Golf Course is the home of the Kansas State University’s (located in Manhattan) Golf Team.   There ‘mark’ was evident around the course - especially on the par 3 fifth hole where the K-State Wildcats’ Royal Purple paw print protected the green;-)!!

The Kansas State University Wildcats use this Manhattan, KS municipal course as their home course.  I guess you have figured out that KSU's team color is Royal Purple.

Quick, take the shot before the hay baler roles him up in a bale of hay!!

Manhattan proved to be that typical, vibrant university town we were happy to enjoy for the morning and would not have seen if it hadn’t been for that ‘golf urge’.

The educational components of Abilene were not neglected.  We did make it back to spend the afternoon at the Eisenhower Museum and to see his boyhood home, where he lived until he entered West Point. 

Enough said.

Ike's childhood home - this housed 6 boys!

A tribute to Eisenhower and to all who served.

There is much to write about Ike, his career, his Presidency and the state of the world as he came ‘up the ranks’.  Since there are volumes out there on these topics, what would be written here would not do justice – so we will leave it to your reading selections.  We did enjoy our visit – but it gives one a lot to think about.

The politics of that time seemed to be so much more civil.  Which made us come away with the question – Was that possible because it was a much simpler time or has the political environment just evolved to such a combative state?  We also decided that the opening session of each new Congress should be mandatory for all members and they should be required to hear Eisenhower’s farewell address.  MAYBE they would do a little better at their job.

Tomorrow we move on to another university town – Columbia, MO – and look forward to visits with old friends there and a good old college football game. 

Feeling a bit somber about the retrospect of the day – E & G

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