Sunday, September 2, 2012

Steamin' East

Are we back in Park City?!?!?!  Guess these ski towns all look alike.  As a result – we sure feel at home here.  Just like a local.   Even (over)heard conversations about Ted Ligety and Park City at dinner!!  The only thing is that Main Street here is a LOT wider – 

Main Street Steamboat Springs

The drive east on I-40 was sure different than our drive in December to the Beaver Creek Ski World Cup.  This time of year there were LOTS of flowers that gave the trip a whole different feel – 

Flowers in full bloom in Vernal, Utah.

Arrived in Steamboat Springs on Friday, August 31st in a pouring rain storm.  We both inhaled deeply as the rain smelled so good and felt even better after the long dry summer in Park City.  

Look out Steamboat here we come.

Didn’t see any animals on the way here – which was actually a relief as E has that habit of hitting deer on the road.  But, the elk in town were sure BIG – 

A BIG, friendly guy (the elk)

Saturday we had a nice round of golf at the Haymaker Golf Course – possibly named because it sits in the middle of what might have been a hay field;-)  We were paired with a nice young couple in the process of moving from Steamboat to Salt Lake City.  Needless to say, we spent a lot of time trading information.  They gave us restaurants and hikes in the area and we discussed areas to live in SLC.   We enjoyed one of their recommendations for dinner relaxing on the banks of the Yampa River.

Sunday we ventured out on one of the hikes our golfing partners told us about.  Steamboat Lake – about 30 miles north of Steamboat – provided the setting.  The Tombstone Nature Trail gave us great views of the Lake and Hahn’s Peak.  Very interesting that the leaves have not begun changing here like they have in Park City – so not much color – but, much beauty all the same.

Nice views of Steamboat Lake from the nature trail.

Calm and color on the lake.

Hahn's Peak

Naturally after a little hike we needed nourishment.  In the little (and we mean little) town of Hahn’s Peak Village  - Hahn’s Peak Café was calling.  A REAL locals place.  What a treat;-)!!  The food was very good and the entertainment was excellent!!  

Great lunch and music-the locals come on their ATV's!!
Our entertainment - you gotta listen;-)

Well – that is Steamboat for this trip.  Tonight is dinner out of the slow cooker and packing up for the move to the Rocky Mountain NP/Estes Park tomorrow.  Full hook ups at that RV park will be welcome – although the water and electric at our current location have been just fine.


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  1. Looks like a good start, Guys. You missed some serious thunder storms in PC Friday night - felt good.