Saturday, November 10, 2012

Horses Headed for Home

Didn’t mean to leave you hangin’ – BUT, you know how it is once the end is in sight and it is time to head home.  And, that’s what happened to us that third week of October.

Before we left South Carolina, however, we had one more fun golf day with friends, a couple more dinners with friends AND a wonderful visit with those triplets that sorta started all of this;-)

Those little things are now three years old and lots of fun – 

E & G with Olivia, George and Samuel

And away Samuel goes!

Olivia is Queen

George getting ready for Halloween

Always fun to 'fix' Mom's hair

Hey Dad ...ARRGH!

They provided a great afternoon – as did their parents.  But, as soon as we said good bye to them we were headed West.  It took 6 weeks to get to Hilton Head and only 5 days to get home to Scottsdale.  Of course, along the way we had some more of those ‘interesting’ parking places for the night – a police station, oil fields and a casino –

The Piedmont, Alabama police station - better on the outside than inside?!?!

We arrived home safe and sound ready to spend at least a few days in our new Scottsdale townhome – which we were very impressed with when we got here (didn’t remember what all we had done to it – and were very pleased!!!).  Magic, too, performed well and provided a VERY nice home from May – October.

Shall now see what the Holidays provide.

Happy Happies to you all – Our Love and Hugs – Elizabeth & Gary