Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hikes - Yikes - and Rock & Roll

Another wonderful week has passed in Park City.  The weather has been beautiful - even the pouring rain we had Friday which 'greened' everything up again - and the full moon of the summer solstice.  

The last ten days have been a lot of the same - great dinners and conversation with friends (even an evening of entertaining at Magic), more days of golf (including a much needed lesson for E), Bill Medley at the Egyptian Theater, The Small House Strings concert at "Riffs Full Moon Concert",  and our usual Wednesday hike.  This week's hike was with friends (Marla, Steve, Marge, John and Sally) up Toll Canyon - where we hiked to the "Fairy Tree";-)  Sure you can guess the derivation of the name - 

The "Fairy Tree".

The shameless 'Selfie' in front of the "Fairy Tree"!
Our tradition has become to get a bite to eat after a 'strenuous' hike and this week was no different.  After our lunch at the "No Worries Cafe", E was not worried at all when she almost backed the car into a ditch as she was trying to get out of the way of Marge and John - HA!

E decided to go four-wheeling - YES that wheel is in the air!!  YIKES!!

All ended well, as John carried a tow strap and pulled us right out of that ditch:-) 

AND - the concert season began this week-end with the Bacon Brothers at Deer Valley!  A great concert and a beautiful evening -   
Opening night at Deer Valley...the Bacon Brothers.

As this week ends - so does the month of June and all the 4th of July festivities begin.  Half way through another year!!  How does it all go so fast??

Enjoying every minute - Elizabeth & Gary

Thursday, June 19, 2014

This Week's Adventures

Well - after the snow we thought we would take advantage of the cooler temperatures down in the Salt Lake Valley and check out Antelope Island.  An adventure read about for the 18 years we lived in Park City - but there was just never a good time to see what it was all about.  Antelope Island is known for being hot, VERY buggy and smelly in warmer weather - thus the desire to get there when it is cool and breezy;-)  Despite it's name - it is also well known for the buffalo that roam the island.  While we did see a small herd of Antelope, they were on the move and didn't pose for pictures.  The buffalo, on the other hand, wandered right close to the road.  That is the 'studs' did - the 'moms' and all the 'babies' were on the other side of the island hiding out.  (We did see them during our hike, but the herd was so far away that pictures didn't really come out.)   

Antelope Island Buffalo - the Antelope were camera shy;-(
Our hike took us to the top of the mountains in the rear of the photo.


Views from the top of the hills - now looking west, and down on the "Mother's Buffalo Herd".

Our lunch spot 

All in all - it was a very nice day and we can now say we have 'done' Antelope Island.

Today was a different adventure;-)  When returning to the Bus from Park City we had the pleasure of seeing a Mother Moose with her two little calves who were having a wonderful time romping in the weeds -

Mama Moose and her 2 romping calves.

More fun days for E & G in Park City

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

AHHH. Park City Weather!!

Since we left you last, we have - for the most part - had wonderful weather (except for a LOT of wind!).   So - we have had more dinners with friends, golf, E attended Book Club (they still let her come when in town), we have seen many movies ("Chef" ****,  "The Fault of the Stars" ****, "Million Dollar Arm" ****, "Belle" **** (don't miss this one if you have the opportunity), "A Million Ways to Die in the West" - don't waste your time;-(!!!!) and have continued our hiking.  The last hike was Armstrong Trail that wanders through PCMR where we ski in the winter - 

A view from the Armstrong Trail in PC - PC mountain and golf courses below

In the winter the turnstile E is hanging onto is thigh high - need more snow;-)
 When I said we needed more snow - I was just kidding - REALLY!!  But - PC always gets a mid-June 'freak' snow storm for one last dusting and we hadn't had it yet.  So, it came today -

Aw c'mon, I just bloomed..what's the deal here?

2014 06 17 Snow Day in Park City from Gary Dickey on Vimeo.

Tomorrow we are off to Salt Lake City for our hike as it will be a little warmer down there.  AND - it is to be back in the 70's and 80's by the end of the week.

Stay warm - E & G with Magic in the snow;-)

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pinehurst #2 ( ??US Open ??)

NO - unfortunately we are NOT at the US Open this week.  But, just two short years ago we did brave the course and had a wonderful time.  Of course,  it was when they were just telling us about all the changes that would be made in the next two years to prepare it for the Open.  We did NOT have to play it that way.  WHEW!!  We will be glued to the TV this week watching every stroke - 

The anticipation

And after - a fist pump with Payne - - - 

 And a drink on that beautiful porch.

It will be a lot of fun this week remembering our round.  Hope all you golfers out there enjoy it, too;-)

PS - Just a side note-the entire Pinehurst area IS built on sand just as they have 'returned' the rough to for the Open.  Therefore, this is what we 'parked' Magic on while staying here.  Perhaps one of the scariest places we ever parked!

PSS - Don't you just LOVE Ricky today in his knickers;-)!!!!

Enjoy the US Open - E & G loving it

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Early Morning Visitors in our Campground

What have we been doing during the last week??  Well - the usual up here.  Several dinners with friends, a couple of rounds of golf, a couple of movies, a tooth extraction for Gary;-( - AND, our first moose sighting of the season!!  Right here in the campground - 

More fun later - E & G moose watching in PC:-)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In PC so far - enjoying golf and dinner with friends - and a hike today😊. Beautiful flowers and beautiful views - still lots of snow on the mountains.