Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pinehurst #2 ( ??US Open ??)

NO - unfortunately we are NOT at the US Open this week.  But, just two short years ago we did brave the course and had a wonderful time.  Of course,  it was when they were just telling us about all the changes that would be made in the next two years to prepare it for the Open.  We did NOT have to play it that way.  WHEW!!  We will be glued to the TV this week watching every stroke - 

The anticipation

And after - a fist pump with Payne - - - 

 And a drink on that beautiful porch.

It will be a lot of fun this week remembering our round.  Hope all you golfers out there enjoy it, too;-)

PS - Just a side note-the entire Pinehurst area IS built on sand just as they have 'returned' the rough to for the Open.  Therefore, this is what we 'parked' Magic on while staying here.  Perhaps one of the scariest places we ever parked!

PSS - Don't you just LOVE Ricky today in his knickers;-)!!!!

Enjoy the US Open - E & G loving it

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