Monday, November 3, 2014

Ahhhh - Home!

What a fabulous trip!  Couldn't have asked for more with all our wonderful visits with family and friends, many rounds of golf and beautiful sights and experiences along the way.  Our last two days were a bit "hairy" - to say the least - as we dodged high winds, tornado and flood warnings!!  The high winds caused us to cut one day short to only 4 hours driving - which made the next day a 13 hour day.  Not our usual - but, we avoided all the bad stuff and got home right on our schedule;-)

A quick unload and back to storage.

The last two weeks have been spent getting reconnected with family and a few friends as well as getting back into some of our usual routines.  That means a couple of dinners, a few rounds of golf, a few volunteer days at the Musical Instrument Museum, a few concerts, etc. etc. etc.

NOW - it is time for Gary's new knee.  Tomorrow at high noon!!  We are both anxious to get this behind us and to REALLY be back into our routine.

Glad to be home - thankful for all our good times on our trip - looking forward to the holiday season ----

With Lots of Love to All - Elizabeth & Gary back in Scottsdale;-)