Thursday, June 19, 2014

This Week's Adventures

Well - after the snow we thought we would take advantage of the cooler temperatures down in the Salt Lake Valley and check out Antelope Island.  An adventure read about for the 18 years we lived in Park City - but there was just never a good time to see what it was all about.  Antelope Island is known for being hot, VERY buggy and smelly in warmer weather - thus the desire to get there when it is cool and breezy;-)  Despite it's name - it is also well known for the buffalo that roam the island.  While we did see a small herd of Antelope, they were on the move and didn't pose for pictures.  The buffalo, on the other hand, wandered right close to the road.  That is the 'studs' did - the 'moms' and all the 'babies' were on the other side of the island hiding out.  (We did see them during our hike, but the herd was so far away that pictures didn't really come out.)   

Antelope Island Buffalo - the Antelope were camera shy;-(
Our hike took us to the top of the mountains in the rear of the photo.


Views from the top of the hills - now looking west, and down on the "Mother's Buffalo Herd".

Our lunch spot 

All in all - it was a very nice day and we can now say we have 'done' Antelope Island.

Today was a different adventure;-)  When returning to the Bus from Park City we had the pleasure of seeing a Mother Moose with her two little calves who were having a wonderful time romping in the weeds -

Mama Moose and her 2 romping calves.

More fun days for E & G in Park City

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