Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hikes - Yikes - and Rock & Roll

Another wonderful week has passed in Park City.  The weather has been beautiful - even the pouring rain we had Friday which 'greened' everything up again - and the full moon of the summer solstice.  

The last ten days have been a lot of the same - great dinners and conversation with friends (even an evening of entertaining at Magic), more days of golf (including a much needed lesson for E), Bill Medley at the Egyptian Theater, The Small House Strings concert at "Riffs Full Moon Concert",  and our usual Wednesday hike.  This week's hike was with friends (Marla, Steve, Marge, John and Sally) up Toll Canyon - where we hiked to the "Fairy Tree";-)  Sure you can guess the derivation of the name - 

The "Fairy Tree".

The shameless 'Selfie' in front of the "Fairy Tree"!
Our tradition has become to get a bite to eat after a 'strenuous' hike and this week was no different.  After our lunch at the "No Worries Cafe", E was not worried at all when she almost backed the car into a ditch as she was trying to get out of the way of Marge and John - HA!

E decided to go four-wheeling - YES that wheel is in the air!!  YIKES!!

All ended well, as John carried a tow strap and pulled us right out of that ditch:-) 

AND - the concert season began this week-end with the Bacon Brothers at Deer Valley!  A great concert and a beautiful evening -   
Opening night at Deer Valley...the Bacon Brothers.

As this week ends - so does the month of June and all the 4th of July festivities begin.  Half way through another year!!  How does it all go so fast??

Enjoying every minute - Elizabeth & Gary

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