Thursday, September 6, 2012

Don't Mess with BIG Daddy!!

Our last day in the Rocky Mountain NP – so, time to get in a round of golf at the Estes Park GC.  But, first there is a need for lunch.  What better place to “take a bite” than at the Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King’s spine-tingling thriller “The Shining”, much of which was written by the vacationing King in room 217!! 

The Hotel was built in 1909 by F. O. Stanley, who invented the Stanley Steamer automobile along with his twin brother.  Stanley moved to Estes Park to help treat his tuberculosis, fell in love with the area and built the Hotel for train passengers coming to the Park.  Of course he had a fleet of Stanley Steamer cars to get the passengers from the train depot to the Hotel.  This neoclassical-Georgian Hotel is a member of the National Register of Historic Places and is all about a gorgeous setting, rich historic ambience and sweeping views of Lake Estes and the Continental Divide.

The Stanley Hotel, est. 1909.

Lake Estes from the hotel portico.

Today's lunchtime view provided by the Stanley Hotel.

More of the view - Estes Park - or Iron Springs, AZ??

On a full stomach, we set off for the golf course and a wonderful, relaxing afternoon.  Our playing partners were two gentlemen from Arkansas (one of whom reminded me of playing golf with my Uncle Vernon;-)!) – and they made the afternoon.  As did the views – 

Golf at 9,000 feet.

Think we finished our round just in time – as the elk in the area seem to think that the course was their evening dinning room.  Their antics provided our entertainment for almost an hour;-)  The pictures will tell the story of BIG Daddy and his family – BIG Daddy keeping all his Ladies and children in line – AND BIG Daddy letting the ‘New Young Stud’ know this is NOT his turf and he should go elsewhere to find his own Chicks!!

BIG Daddy.

The family - "Get over there!"

"I said - over there!!"

The young stud interloper.

I'll show you who's in charge.

What a way to end our last evening in the Rocky Mountain NP area;-)

Off to Colorado Springs and golf at the Broadmoor – which we shall report on shortly. 

Until then – Happy and Amused by the Elk – E & G

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  1. Great batch of photos - Steady hand on the Shining hotel gave crisp results (which camera?), and the elk... well, just plain cool.. Good stuff.