Monday, September 17, 2012

Today's 4-1-1

What a GREAT day for a travel day.  It has been POURING all day – from Columbia, MO through Illinois, Indiana into Kentucky.  We can’t be unhappy about all the rain, as this part of the country really needs it.  Just glad the day was in Magic and not trying to hike, play golf or do a walking tour.  Instead we were getting more of our fill of Scenic Byways – crossed the Ohio and the Mississippi Rivers – and sang along to the 50’s on 5 on satellite radio;-) 

Bridge over Troubled Water??

The Mighty Ohio River

(Sorry about the pics.  Due to the rain – all shots were taken from inside the Bus while moving at 60 mph.  So – not very crisp shots;-(!!   And grey - VERY grey.)

AND - there is a correction that must be made from a prior post.  While this part of the country does need rain – I do not feel quite sooo bad about all the ‘dead looking’ corn that we have viewed along the way.  Janet’s cousin (last post) provided an education on corn crops.  The corn that you and I eat does get harvested early on when the stalks are nice and green – before the kernels get dry and tough.  (That was done long ago.)  HOWEVER – feed corn does not get harvested until it looks pretty DEAD because it needs to be good and dry so it does not mold during the storage process.  Therefore, all the fields that I was feeling so bad about - were just as they should be.

Whizzing by the corn fields.
Feeling not so sad about the corn and ready for it to quit raining now that I know the corn doesn’t need it – 
E & G from Mammoth Cave NP

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