Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pike’s Peak to Garden of the Gods

Another amazing day enjoying all our country has to offer. 

Once again on top of the world on the highest point you can drive to in the continental US – Pike’s Peak, the most visited mountain in North America.  A road trip destination since 1901 when the first car – a two cylinder Locomobile Steamer – made its way to the summit at 14,110’.  This exciting road – now paved – climbs nearly 7,000’ in under 20 miles with no guardrails for comfort!!  

YES - That's the road!!

As high as you can drive in the US - It's a miracle when you make it to the Top.

And when you do get to the top the views of Colorado Springs and beyond are stunning –

View from the top of Pikes Peak.

Hard to see the City of Colorado Springs is in the left center of this shot.

Katharine Bates visited the summit in 1893 and was so taken by the views that she wrote the words (that would later be put to music) to “America the Beautiful” – 

She must have had a clearer day than we did.

In the valley below lies Manitou Springs – a delightful old spa resort town.  The perfect place for wandering through shops, getting a bite to eat or enjoying the wild life – 

A very lucky shot from our table at lunch in Manitou Springs.

We thought we left Quackers in Arizona.

Another marvel of rock - The Garden of the Gods - also sits at the foot of Pike’s Peak.  This park is another example of the beauty, available outdoor activities and educational opportunities that our country has to offer for little or no expense.  This is a city park, run by the city of Colorado Springs, with free entrance according to the wish of Charles Elliott Perkins, whose children donated the land to the city in 1909.   The park has more than 15 miles of hiking trails, steep rock formations that attract those looking for technical rock climbing, miles of road for biking and outstanding geologic features for studying development of the area thru millions of years!!  ALL FREE!!  And, the scenery is pretty wonderful - 

Balanced Rock and Steamboat Rock in the Garden of the Gods.

Another day of stunning views and appreciation of the good old USA;-)

Love to All – AWED Elizabeth & Gary

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