Monday, September 21, 2009

YUCK!! & Aaaaahhhhh!!

Well - I asked Gary to write this blog report and he said it would be one word if he wrote it - “YUCK!!!!” So here I am again -

Our second day of golf in Kamloops was a course called Tobiano - Golf Digest’s ‘Best New Canadian Course’ for 2008. Gary decided the same types of people make this determination as those who determine the overall winner at the Sundance Film Festival - they all have their heads somewhere other than where we have ours!!

First of all - the course has been plunked down in the middle of nowhere under the theory - BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME! (Note - we did come!) The residential development part seems to be on hold like so many areas of the same ilk.

Ugly Course plunked in the middle of nowhere

The condition of the course was wonderful - IF you could find the fairway, stay on it and then find the green. The majority of the men’s tees had carries over sagebrush dotted gullies - and not short carries! The par 3’s were all from hilltop to hilltop with a ‘wonderful carry’ in between - even for the women. The fairways were lined with that golden fescue stuff - so good luck finding your ball if you go off the fairway. AND, even if you hit your ball in the fairway it would wind up in the fescue because all fairways rolled ‘big time‘ right or left. Oh yeah - the views were great!

How far is this carry?

Another hilltop to hilltop par 3

So this is what a green looks like - with a view

The best about this adventure - lunch was good. We ran a few errands on our way back to Magic (like picking up our dry cleaning), cleaned up for dinner and had a very nice dinner at Hoodoos restaurant above the city of Kamloops watching the city lights come on. A very nice way to wind up our visit to Kamloops.

Sunday was a fabulous travel day! We took ‘the back way’ - or as the locals call it - ‘the Duffy Lake Road’ - from Kamloops to Whistler. It is only about 180 miles, but it took us 6 hours! We had been warned that the road was very steep and winding in places, but that trucks used it so we would be OK with Magic. For the most part, the road was good - only a few gravel/dirt spots. BUT, it was very narrow in spots with several one lane wooden bridges (wish we had a shot of these to show you - wow!) and lots of very steep places. Ever seen a 13% Grade?!?!?! We had several - and Magic performed just fine.

Grateful for exhaust brakes

At one point, we came up over a ‘hill’ and there in front of us was this fabulous picture -

Duffy Lake with glaciers in the background

The aforementioned Duffy Lake!! The scene was beautiful with the mountains and glaciers in the background. It just took your breath away. We decided this was a good lunch spot - so fired up the micro with leftover taco ‘stuff’ and enjoyed the view!

Another lovely spot for lunch

After taking it all in and having full stomachs, it was time to hit the road again. Most of the way it was open range, but we thought that was just for cattle. At one point it was the horses who created their parade - and didn’t care if they held up traffic!

5 of more than 2 dozen wandering on the road

The entire way was one beautiful view/picture after another. The 180 miles was worth all 6 hours - and the white knuckles!! AND, we were rewarded with a wonderful campsite in Whistler.

Now we begin our quest for Olympic housing. Will keep you posted on that hunt.

Love to All - YUCK & Aaaaahhhhh

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  1. Hi Guys - greetings from Chicago. Glad to see the trip is still lots of fun. Got some news on our end too. While visiting Chris and Jos in Girdwood last week, we learned we'll be grandparents next June! Very exciting. Also, Linda will be in Scottsdale next week with her parents, from the 28th I think, until the 5th, in case you guys will be there. And we're going to stop by PC Dec. 7 - 9, on our way back from the San Francisco NAIC in December. Hope to see you then! Safe travels. Jim