Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day is Effortless!! (No Labor Involved)

Right off the bat I must tell you (this is Elizabeth here), that driving the bus on the equivalent of the Alpine Slide (for those who have been to Park City - you know what I mean - and for those who have not done this, it is the equivalent of flying down the mountain at Park City Mountain Resort on a small metal sled in an aluminum 'trough') is a real experience. BUT, I did just that as we left Park City on Saturday morning on our way to Butte, MT!! There was road construction between Park City and Ogden - narrowing the highway to one side of the freeway for both directions and setting up cement barriers to separate the lanes and negotiate the mountain curves!! It was a real trip negotiating 'the Beast' through this first thing in the morning - but, I did it and lived to talk about it with NO effects to 'the Beast'. So - off to a good start.

Other than the above, the drive to Butte was uneventful - as was Butte! Oh - we did have a refrigerator malfunction. But, when all else fails hit the restart and all is well. We did play a wonderful Nicholas course just outside of Butte - Old Works - on Sunday before heading up to Glacier National Park. It is on an old mining site and incorporates many details of the old mine into the course making it very interesting. This made up for the 'unattractiveness' of Butte.

Due to the 5 hour round of golf, we got a later than expected start on the drive to West Glacier. But, the drive was sooooooooo beautiful that the time did not matter. We took all side roads (some very small two laners) that the Butte chamber or commerce suggested (maybe one other good thing about Butte???) - and it was a stunningly beautiful drive!!

We did arrive at our campsite for the next four nights in time to get set up before dark - BBQ steak for dinner and enjoy the evening. All was GOOD!!

This morning we 'took it easy'. Got up when we got up and headed into the Glacier National Park. Gary was so happy as he got to make use of his Sr. National Park Pass (which he paid an annual fee of $10 for!!) to get us into the park. First stop was Agpar Village at the 'foot' of Lake McDonald (longest lake in the park - see how well we have read the material and listened to the Park Rangers??). We found a cafe and decided we needed breakfast - then walked down to the lake for pictures (didn't think Gary was here without the cameras did you?). The drive continued to Lake McDonald Lodge where we had lunch waiting for our boat cruise of the lake. The cruise was beautiful, although cold - but held our attention!

After the cruise, the real part of the drive in the park began - Going to the Sun Road. What an experience!! The road is much like 'the road to Hana' in Hawaii for those of you who have been there. Narrow and winding - and straight down a cliff if you go off the side! But the scenery is stunning. We had a wonderful benefit of the weather - everything from rain, sleet, hail, snow, cold, clouds, sun and whatever else you could think of in a three hour period - it provided some incredible lighting and effects. Especially as we viewed the 'orphaned remnants' of the glaciers and the associated waterfalls across the valley. BEAUTIFUL! (The only thing is that I was driving again so Gary could take the pictures.)

After this beautiful day - we returned 'home' to the Magic Bus. Gary prepared the chicken on our BBQ outside - we enjoyed in our wonderful 'dining area' - then I kicked back and relaxed while Gary had an expresso (OH YES - that machine came with us!!) All the comforts of home in Park City - and no labor involved.

BUT, we miss you all in Park City and around the country. We just hope you enjoy our travels -


  1. Gary & Elizabeth,

    It is great to see you two back on the road once again. We think of you both every time we see an RV on the road that resembles The Beast. Thanks for sharing the road stories (scary) and photos of beautiful Glacier National Park. Way to go Gary on the bargain price pass!

    I especially appreciated the photo of Elizabeth behind the wheel, although I’d have to be in the passenger seat to believe that she really drives it!

    Soul Man

  2. I was wondering if the espresso machine would make the journey. What a stupid question.