Friday, September 18, 2009

Golf with a view

We are now out of the parks (for a brief time) and into golf. As mentioned in the last post, this 'camp' is short on views - but long on amenities and about half way between our two golf games (the real reason for the selection).

As we drove in yesterday we took note of several courses 'in the neighborhood' but, we had to be up and out at 7:30 for a 9AM tee time at a course that was about 35 minutes away. With the various courses right around us we debated the wisdom of our decision. BUT, stuck with the agenda this morning, as we came to Kamloops specifically for the two courses we are to play today and tomorrow. (Gary read about them in an American Express magazine touting the area for wine making and four wonderful new golf courses.)

So - we were off this morning to Talking Rock Golf Course at the east end of Little Shuswap Lake. This course meanders through a sandy forest and ends with a breathtaking 18th hole along the shoreline of the Lake. Although, before you get to the 18th there is plenty to see. Today instead of bears or moose, it was this coyote on the prowl for lunch. He could care less that we were in his territory - he just wanted lunch!

He joined our foursome for one hole

By the 15th hole you have climbed the mountain on the back side of the course and have a beautiful elevated view as this par 3 drops down toward the lake (I even parred this one!!).

Enjoying the views

Just like at Banff, we had the benefit of playing with two local ladies (Gary got to be odd man out this time) who gave us the scoop on the course. As a result we both had very good rounds - so liked this course a lot! Part of the fun of a trip like this IS meeting the local 'color'. Today Sue and Lynne provided that - they were wonderful women, vivacious and full of fun and information. Sue spent time in Whistler - so she gave us the route to take from Kamloops to Whistler, where to play golf there and where to eat. Lynne had grown up on Vancouver Island (before she became a ski bum and traveled the Western US and Canada skiing and giving lessons - (she is older than I am)) and provided all kinds of data about places to see and courses to play there - our stop after Whistler. We are now 'armed' for the next two legs of our journey.

After golf - and a wonderful lunch at the course - we headed back to investigate Kamloops. On the way we drove through the Village of Chase (population 2,000), which sits on the Little Shuswap Lake and has been home to the Secwepmec people for over 10.000 years! Here we stopped at a little roadside stand and bought fresh corn for a future dinner.

First stop was the Chamber of Commerce/Information Center. After looking at the map of all the wonderful golf courses in the immediate area - beyond the two we are playing - we decided this has to be on our route to Alaska next year with a full week just to play golf!!

We also got directions to a dry cleaner, grocery store and place for Gary to get a haircut. Besides getting chores done, we also drove through the old town center and obtained recommendations for dinners and activities. As always, there is just too much to do.

Tonight we returned home with groceries in hand, made dinner, worked on pictures and blog postings, watched a little football and called it a night.

See you tomorrow - Our Love to All - Elizabeth & Gary

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  1. Hi guys! I had fun catching up on your adventures this morning. I'm pretty sure Linda will be in Scottsdale from Oct. 28 - Nov. 5 (while I'm bow hunting in Wisconsin, and working), then we're both spending a weekend with her folks in Las Vegas. If you'll be in Scottsdale when she's there, I know she'll want to catch up with you. Big bummer about Chicago losing the Olympics (not that we'll be living here in 2016). Since my London case settled, Linda and I are off to Girdwood to visit Chris and Jos for a week on Monday - weather permitting, we're going Halibut fishing out of Seldovia! No blog, but photos to follow. Take care.