Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Searching for Just the Right House in Whistler

Well, here we are in Whistler - our whole reason for this trip. Our campsite is GREAT, we are enjoying further investigating Whistler, and watching their preparation for the Olympics. It brings back soooooo many memories!

There is frantic work going on to complete road improvements in and around Whistler. The medals ceremony arena in Whistler is still under construction (after being shelved due to finances with the alternative of medals given at the venues - now they are back to building the ceremony arena). All the finish areas are ‘under construction’ for the grandstands, press boxes, etc. The ‘Whistler Athletes Village’ is still under construction. Etc., etc. etc.

Monday was property investigation day - looking at possible housing for the 2 weeks of the Olympics, walking around the Village and just driving around to see what is going on in the way of preparation. A nice casual day followed by dinner on our ‘patio’ watching Monday night football - using that outdoor entertainment center!

Grillin' & chillin'

Tuesday, September 22, we bounced into fall looking at more houses and golfing. Both were a BUST - a lot of disappointment. Nothing to say about the house and not much more to say about the Nicklaus North Golf Course, except it was surrounded by mountains on the shores of Whistler’s Green Lake - 15 holes with water!! The rest is all bad - and my Mother taught me if you didn’t have something good to say - don’t say anything. So - nothing to say here.

Wednesday - the first FULL day of fall - and another full schedule of houses, errands (a hair cut for Elizabeth!?!?!?) and a round of golf. Think perhaps we found ‘our’ house for the Olympics - after many ‘fact finding’ discussions with the Chamber of Commerce, Office of Tourism, Municipal Office, several real estate offices and property management offices, as well as individuals and many internet sites!! Amazing the lack of information at this point about bus schedules, bus routes, ski area access, etc. from the above offices - all of which was important information for our decision making. Whenever we received the same ‘bit of information’ from more than one source, we considered it ‘gospel’ and factored it into the decision process. Now we have our friend/roommate working on the negotiations - keeping our fingers crossed.

We also played the Arnold Palmer Whistler Golf Club Course this afternoon - a delight after yesterday afternoon! The course was beautiful, fairways and greens were in fantastic shape and it was a beautiful afternoon. Could not ask for any more on our last day in Whistler.

Tomorrow is another travel day - to Vancouver Island! Yes, Magic is going swimming! We will give you a full report of how things go later tomorrow.

Love to all - E&G

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