Thursday, September 4, 2014

What - NO Internet Service?!?!

Did you miss us?  We have been in that 'internet void' for the past week;-(  That doesn't mean that we haven't been very busy, however.  

One week ago we entered Canada and all new adventures.  Knowing that internet service here would be a challenge with all our US equipment - A quick stop at the Roger's store (the Verizon equivalent in Canada) in Sault Ste. Marie was to remedy that situation.  For the most part it did - so imagine what our problems would be without that stop.  The remote areas of the Provincial Parks have just had NO service - AT ALL.  

So - with business done and explained - on to more FUN things.  The bridge from the US into Canada provided a great view of the locks below - -

The locks at Sault Ste. Marie - between the US and Canada

Gary wasted no time taking advantage of the new speed limits in Canada!  Oh yes - it is kph now, instead of mph - so Magic is only pushing about 60.

Slow down dude.  Oh, never's kilometers.
After our brief overnight stop in Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, we were on our way to Parry Sound - an inlet off the Georgian Bay on the east side of Lake Huron.  There was, of course, the obligatory beautiful lunch stop in Magic on our way - -

A two hour cruise (yes, a two hour cruise) provided an overview and introduction to Georgian Bay's 30,000 Islands, the largest concentration of freshwater islands in the world within a geographical ecosystem so unique that it has earned World Biosphere Reserve status from the United Nations.  As we cruised through all these islands, we were also told that at one time the 'little hills' we were looking at were the tallest mountains in the entire world!!  Glaciers wore them down to what we see today.  Hard to believe - BUT, they were telling the story.  As The Island Queen pulled away from the dock, the highlight of the Parry Sound skyline was captured - -

The historic train trestle in Parry Sound.

One of the 30,000 "islands" of the Georgian Bay.

The week-end we were in Parry Sound was Labor Day (or Labour Day in Canada).  Anticipating large crowds in the Provincial Park and harbor areas, we went in search of the Canadian vacationers.  Harbor after harbor was quiet and calm.

One of a plethora of painted planters placed on Penetanguishene piers.

AND THEN - right here in Canada was Venice, CA ---

Wasaga Beach..the Georgian Bay version of Venice Beach.

It was about time for another morning of golf - and a BEAUTIFUL one it was.  The Seguin Valley Golf Club was a wonderful surprise and a very fun morning - -

Does this seem fair? My tee here..E's tee in the middle of the bridge.
We both donated a number of balls attempting to reach that itty bitty green across the lake.

Time to move on.  Next stop - Algonquin Provincial Park and another new, beautiful home for Magic-

Magics new spot at Lake of Two Rivers in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, CA.

This was a bit of a quick stop - only 1 1/2 days.  But, did we pack it in.  This is a sample of our itinerary - -

     Get set up in camp - walk the campground stopping at the general store for afternoon ice cream
     Drive to Lake Opeongo to investigate canoe rentals (opted out)
     Return to Magic to prepare dinner
     Attend Ranger presentation on Moose at the amphitheater
     Sleep fast
     Up early for a hike on the Lookout Trail for some gorgeous views of the park (below)
     Check out the Visitor Center with a film on the park and nature exhibits
     Take the hike thru the Logging Museum
     Drive to Rock Lake
     Return to Magic to get ready for a nice dinner out at Killarney Inn
     Retire early and prepare for another travel day in the morning - WHEW!!

The trail guidebook said this was a pebble left behind by a glacier - some pebble!!

Lake of Two Rivers (in the distance behind us) from the Lookout Trail.

Lake Opeongo drive - The only thing missing here is a munching moose.

Rock Lake - Lakes, lakes everywhere.

These are the only moose and deer we saw in  the Park.

Once again it was time to move on - back to habitation in Ottawa.  See you again soon -

Elizabeth, Gary and Magic looking for a Starbucks AND an internet connection;-)

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