Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ott-a-WA...Hut-HUT (Think Peyton Manning)

Well - with our shorter travel days and our normal departure times (of 8-9AM), we have fallen into a rhythm of looking for a good road side/trucker/biker breakfast place.  The Sands Inn on Golden Lake did NOT disappoint this morning.  The place was as neat as a pin, the food was great and the view was to die for.  What more could anyone ask for?!?!

Breakfast view at a roadside cafe between Algonquin Provincial Park and Ottawa.

The next few days were spent in the capital city of Canada - Ottawa (Canada's Washington DC).  Originally founded in 1826 as Bytown, the city was incorporated as Ottawa in 1855 and made the capital in the 1860's.  Their Capital Hill is Parliament Hill with a Centre, East and West Block.  The Centre Block is home to the House of Commons (on the left), the Senate (on the right), and Library of Parliament (behind the Peace Tower).  The House of Commons and the Senate are separated by the Peace Tower, which one can ascend to just below the clock to get wonderful views of the city - -

Canada's House of Parliament in Ottawa.
Every evening through the summer the 'Mosaika - Sound and Light Show' transforms the Centre Block by projecting dazzling colors and intricate animations onto Parliament Hill, creating a visual spectacle that tells Canada's story.

Same building.. used as the "screen" for a presentation of the history of Canada.

The tour allowed us to see the House of Commons, the Senate, the Library and the great views from the Peace Tower - -

Entry doors to the Library of Parliament.  Too bad we couldn't take pictures
inside as it was the most interesting room in the building.

Top of the library wing shot from the top of the clock tower.
Ottawa River and Gatineau in background.

Just to the east of Parliament Hill, Ottawa is teeming with sites.  Just adjacent is the Rideau Canal - a UNESCO World Heritage Site - which flows through the heart of the city and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  The National Gallery of Canada and Notre Dame Cathedral are within blocks as is the US Embassy.  Then there is The ByWard Market - where we managed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner - AND get fresh Ottawa and Quebec fruits and veggies for another dinner!!

Locks on the Rideau Canal.

Architecture next to the Rideau

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Shelob (Tolkien fans know) approaches Notre Dame Cathedral from the National Gallery.

The National Gallery of Art was something to see..both the building and the exhibits.

A 'Cloister' feel inside the museum - chanting music included!

ByWard Market

Our haul from the Market - Yummy fresh fruits and veggies.

Butterfly cookies galore.

After two pretty full days in Canada's Capital city, we were exhausted - BUT, barely put a dent in what there was to see.  A wonderful place that educated, fed and delighted us;-)

The walled city of Quebec is next on the agenda.  See you there in a few days -

E & G overwhelmed with Ottawa

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