Thursday, September 11, 2014

Vieux Quebec (Old Quebec City)

Next stop ---France????  I really thought we were headed for Quebec!!  But, the road signs suddenly went to French - conversations converted to French - what the heck is going on??!?!?!

Quebec City is proud of its French and British roots - BUT, mostly proud of its French roots.  Thus - NO ENGLISH SPOKEN.  PERIOD.

The city was founded in 1608 by Samuel de Champlain and is known as the cradle of French civilization in North America.  It celebrates it's three lives - French, British (taken from the French) and ultimately in 1864 becoming a provence in the Federation of Canada.  It is the only walled city in North America north of Mexico and the old walled city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.  Therefore, much to be proud of - but clearly, first and foremost, is the French heritage. 

The city sits on the northern banks of the St. Lawrence River, which provides stunning views from the Old City.  We had a perfect parking location for Magic on the southern side of the river - which did mean we took automobiles, ferries and funiculaires to get to the Old City.  But - this also meant we had the perfect views of the city as we approached from the river side --  

Ferry between Levis and Quebec City --

Funiculaire -- to the Old City.

Voila - Old City (Chateau Frontenac, now a Fairmont Hotel)

Besides the Chateau Frontenac, perhaps the largest and most impressive part of the Old City is the Citadelle, which is still an active military base.  It is located just to the left of the Chateau above, high on the hill above the river.  A VERY strategic location for protection in the past - a wonderful site for stunning views today.

A view of the St Lawrence waterway from the Citadelle.  No one sneaking up on them.

Canon, canon everywhere at the Citadelle.

A lot of the buildings in the fort were underground.  This powder magazine was not..for safety reasons.

Buildings concealed by turf.  The Plains of Abraham in the background.

"I Will Remember (my fallen comrades)."

Below the Citadelle sits the old walled city - today with lots of restaurants, shops, galleries, etc.  Of course we found our favorite -- which, as usual, turned out to be Italian;-)!

Rue St. Louis and our favorite - Bello Ristorante..really GOOD!

As always, the days go too fast and are too short.  And, it is time to move on again.  So -- with a beautiful full moon over our heads, we took the last ferry ride back across the St. Lawrence River and said good-bye to Quebec --

Bon Soir Quebec.

Bonne Nuit - E & G

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