Monday, June 3, 2013

Walking Among the Giants

Our last few days in the Kings Canyon NP have been a bit lazy.  We did manage a drive down into the canyon with a very short hike to Roaring River Falls – 

Roaring River Falls in Kings Canyon NP.

Unfortunately, the canyon was hot (down to 4,000’ and in the 90’s!!) after getting used to the 70’s at 7,000’ - so we scratched the long hike we were going to do in the canyon for a ‘reading day’ at Magic.  What a nice relaxing, quiet day – eat, read, eat, read and eat some more.  Speaking of s’mores – we have a new ‘do’;-)  Instead of using the Hershey bar – replace it with a Reese’s peanut butter cup – UM-UM-UM!!!!

S'mores anyone?

Our last day in the NP’s we did manage to get our sorry butts up and do one final hike – Redwood Canyon.  Here we were walking among the Giants in the largest sequoia grove in the world.  Again, pictures can not do justice to the magical feeling that envelops you as you walk through these guys.  It is pure majesty –

"Log Cabin" in a fallen Sequoia.

Even had a fireplace.

Spectacular grove of Sequoias in Redwood Canyon

The photos just don't do justice to their majesty.

A farewell from this wizened one.

After one last sunset from our campground, it is time for us to say farewell to these wonderful National Parks. 

Until next time.

If you have a National Park anywhere close – get out and visit!!  Support them, as they are ours to enjoy for VERY little.

Sorry to go – Elizabeth & Gary with long faces;-(

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