Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Cool Pines of Truckee

The past few days we have truly enjoyed our place in the pines here in Truckee, CA.   (Yes – Truckee of the Donner Party fame.)  After the cold wave came through, the past two days have seen highs in the 70’s – lows down in the low 40’s.  Brrr – but a welcome relief from those 110’s we are reading about back home. 

The funky little town of Truckee reminds E of Park City about 25 years ago.  There are several good restaurants that we have come to like and their “Main Street” is lots of fun to walk and shop – especially the kitchen shop and the local Ace Hardware;-)  Besides that activity we have caught up on laundry, cleaning, reading and GOLF.  Our favorite anywhere course is here – Coyote Moon.  We enjoyed the views here the other day although the course was VERY mean to both of us;-(

E's favorite par 3 at Coyote Moon - NOT:-(

(PS – funny story about the hole pictured above.  This is a ‘not too long’ par 3 – BUT, across water which always psych’s E out!!!  A couple of years ago when we played this course, E’s ball hit those rocks you see across the water  - went sky high – and landed on the green.  Just happened that Gene Upshaw (of football fame) was on the next tee looking down and watching this little activity – AND, doubled over in laughter at this little trick shot of E’s!!!)

Then we played a new discovery – Tahoe Donner.  A wonderful muni course that is right up there with Coyote Moon (AND – lots less expensive!!).

One of Truckee Donner's holes is the highest elevation golf hole in the Sierra's.
While we could spend a few more days in Truckee and play Tahoe Donner again, it is time to find our place down at the Lake.  So – off to Lake Tahoe and a new parking spot ----

Magic nestled in the woods of Zephyr Cove, Lake Tahoe.

The view from our spot out to Lake Tahoe.

More golf and lots more activities to come – E & G 

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