Sunday, June 9, 2013

More Family Fun

We sadly left King Canyon NP and our beautiful ‘parking’ spot amongst the Giants.  BUT – there were lots of family events to keep us happy.  First – granddaughter Haley spent the night with us in Magic – with all the fun that comes along with that especially the games of “Go Fish” and “Old Maid”;-)  Then, we attended our first “Cruise Widows” pot-luck dinner to say good bye to one of Heather’s friends who is being transferred.  (The Cruise Widows are the female friends whose husbands are out on ships – in case you didn’t figure that out.)  And – finally – we got to see Haley graduate from pre-k ----

Our little "Star"..

..graduates from preschool and heads for kindergarden.

Mother - daughter mortar boards.

The three days in Lemoore were packed full of fun activities.  Now the heat wave was upon us so we hightailed it to higher territory.  Off to Truckee and perhaps a little golf – as our very favorite golf course is here.  First, set up camp for the next week – spot isn’t too bad and it is lots cooler at 6,500’ than at 600’!!

Magic's new spot in Truckee Calif.
After spending a day running errands and checking out the area, we were off to golf.  Today was a new course for us, and the day proved to be interesting.  We started with HOT, blue skies and were chased off the course at 17 with thunder, lightening and pouring rain!!  The course was a pretty one though and we enjoyed- -

On the first tee at Schaffer's Mill Golf Course.

I think we both cleared the creek and missed the traps on this hole.

More golf to come until the next wedding two weeks from today;-)

From Truckee, CA – E & G

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