Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Spring Break, 2013

March brought many new activities for us in Scottsdale.

First there was Spring Training with several SF Giants, LA Angels and of course the Diamondbacks games – only sorry the Yankees don’t train in Scottsdale;-(

Take me out to the ball game.
Then the Scottsdale Art Festival -

How soon is Derby Day? 

All you need is love.

AND THEN – SPRING BREAK WITH NIECE DEME AND GRANDDAUGHTER HALEY – IN THE BUS;-)!!!!!!  We left on Monday morning with Deme in tow.  A lunch stop at the London Bridge broke up the day.  Tuesday we all arrived in Lemoore, CA to pick up Haley.  But first, Shannon gave us a tour of the hangars and the jets getting ready to go out on a ship;-)  Early Wednesday Magic took the four of us to Monterey – and lots of adventures there.   We found seals, the beach, the Monterey Aquarium, parks, ice cream and general FUN in Magic.  Friday it was time to head back to Lemoore – and I think perhaps we even wore the girls out!!    

Quackin up at the London Bridge.

And the whatchamajiggie catches onto this thingy and then the plane doesn't fall in the ocean.

Top Guns!?

and Roses.

John Steinbeck stood here.

Where's the fish?

Let's go to the beach!

Splish splash.

Under the waves

Finding Nemo - or Deme and Haley

Happy as Clams;-)

Graceful Man O'Wars



Boogie bus


Deme flew back to Scottsdale on Friday evening and we stayed to celebrate Easter with the Hengsteler crew – 
Easter Egg Hunt....GO!

Lots of goodies.

Little Dare Devil.

By the end of this trip - we were worn out.

A tired Elizabeth & Gary

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