Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Holidays in Our New Home

Sorry to have left you all hanging once we returned from our “Hilton Head” trip the end of October.  We were sooooo happy to be ‘home’ in our NEW home in Scottsdale – the blog took a back seat.  We purchased the home in the early part of the year – moved in, unpacked, hung pictures – and after TWO weeks we were off on our five month adventure in Magic.  We had spent so little time in the new place, when we returned we had no idea where we put anything!!  It didn’t take long to reacquaint ourselves and to prepare for company!!

Thanksgiving brought daughter Heather and granddaughter Haley for a visit.  There was the Phoenix Zoo, parks – and cousins Haley and Deme got to enjoy each other – 

Giddy-yup Clyde, UNNNHHHH

Psst.. how many times are we going to have to smile for Gramps?

Christmas followed very quickly and we had the family for both Christmas Eve and Christmas dinner for our first year in our new home.

What a Foursome!

A new tradition - Fondue for Christmas Eve 

Christmas dinner in the new digs.

We also made a quick trip to Lemoore, CA for an early Christmas with Heather, Shannon and Haley – including a day trip to Sequoia NP.

Along the Kaweah River

What a crew! 

This is a VERY belated Happy New Year to all from our new home in the desert –

This is Christmas in the Desert

Much Love and Happy New Year to All - Gary & Elizabeth

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