Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Beautiful and VERY Busy April

April reminded us how beautiful the desert can be – especially at the Desert Botanical Gardens when all the cactus are in bloom and the butterflies are abundant.

Even on the golf course all the cactus are in bloom, many of the ‘snow birds’ have gone home and the rates are beginning to go down.  What more can we ask for?

Love playing the Boulder's now the the prices have dropped to a reasonable level.

More new events for us – niece Deme has become quite involved in volleyball.  We have followed her to tournaments around the state, but April took us to a regional tournament in Anaheim, CA where her team took second in their ‘pool’ and put them into the single elimination playoff rounds (won first match but lost second).  Three days of volleyball is a LOT of volleyball – BUT, a lot of fun;-)

100 Courts all going at the same time - NOISY!!

Very Intense

Cheering Families


When the volleyball was over, Heather and Haley came down for three days at Disneyland.  The pictures will tell you all you need to know –

Expend some energy with Gramps (Magic in the background!)

OHHH - the Princesses

Life is a Merry-go-Round

What's Disneyland without Mickey??

Goofy & Goofy????

4 going on 14.

What a way to spend our Anniversary!

Dynamic duo

A swingin' time


What a week - and still smilin'

Think we were tired at the end of this week????  Get prepared because in a couple of weeks we leave Scottsdale for the summer.  But, one last event before we pack up Magic and hit the road – Mother’s Day.  Deme was in charge of a wonderful brunch at our house –

Happy Mother's Day!
Ready for the road - E & G

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