Sunday, January 15, 2012


It's Friday the 13th - and the races are finally here!  Today is the Super Combined (one 'shortened' downhill and one slalom run).  So - we are off to Canadian Corner (the place where everyone has told us to watch the downhill) to see the downhill portion of this race.  Being in our typical fashion, we are very early - so, we have our choice of spots on "the hill".  Just need to be sure we can see the famous JUMP and the big screen for all the rest of the run.  

It really isn't dark thirty!  But, have our sights on that BIG screen. 

(The jump is BETWEEN the rock and the netting - coming down on the blue lines!!) 

Still early - just wait. 

As the excitement builds - 'the hill' fills.  

These people have a birds eye view of THAT JUMP! 

The race begins - and here comes TED -


After the downhill portion, Ted was 19th and Bode Miller was 2nd.  Off to the train to get us back to Wengen - then our 30 minute walk to the finish area for the afternoon Slalom run.

Just like 'the hill' - the finish area is packed. 

Too many Swiss flags.

As part of the beginning ceremonies for the afternoon sessions on both Friday and Saturday, we were treated to the Swiss Air Force 'show'.  Their equivalent of the Blue Angels - and quite a show;-) 

Sure these fireworks were for E!

Time for the Slalom run and we were quite hopeful for the US - and were not disappointed.  Ted moved from 19th to 6th and Bode finished 3rd!!  This meant we had TWO in the awards ceremony that evening.

Ted approaches the finish line.

Bode and Ted compare notes.

Ted is ALWAYS signing autographs!! 

MOOOOO!!  We even have the cow bells. 

The award ceremonies were back in Wengen in the newly built village in the square.  What a zoo!  Every restaurant/grocery store/bakery had a street-side stand selling food and drink.  There were people shoulder to shoulder and you could hardly move.  BUT, it was all worth it to see Bode and Ted on stage.

It is early, crowd is still pouring in to Wengen.

Believe it or not, the next night, Saturday was even more jammed this Friday crowd.

Way to go Ted and Bode.

Aren't those US boys cute?!?!  (Bode on right next to Ted) 

Unfortunately, Friday was the best day for the US.  Saturday was the BIG downhill race and Bode took 5th for the US.  The Swiss were really happy as they took 1st.  This meant that Wengen was even more packed on Saturday night - and the last of the partying we heard was at 4AM!!  Even though we like to take in the local excitement - it was soooo packed, we retreated to our room and hit the pizza parlor in the lobby of our hotel;-(  Sunday brought on the Slalom and more support from interesting 'fan clubs' -

These guys could give the USC Marching Band a run for their money.

Again, the US did not fare so well.  No US representatives in the second run.  This meant we again retreated to town and had a VERY nice lunch while everyone else was at the venue for the finals.  We even found a 'launder mat' (had two washers and one dryer) to deal with those dirty clothes.

Now we are ready for an early exit from Wengen tomorrow (Monday) morning and head to the next race adventure in Kitzbuhel.

More soon - Elizabeth & Gary

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