Saturday, January 14, 2012

Creating a 'Party City' for the World Cup Races

Thought it might be interesting to show you all how a little village up in the mountains prepares for a world famous event like the Lauberhornrennen. A little village was built, within the village, on the main plaza to be used for the evening bib draws and nightly prize ceremonies.  AND, all of this has been done since we arrived - which means in FOUR days!!  (Remember - this is a village without cars sitting on the side of a mountain.)  Also, this plaza is about a block away from our hotel - so to say we are in the middle of things is putting it mildly!!

This preparation - like our daily outings - has utilized various forms of transportation.  Trucks (OK, so they have a FEW motor vehicles up here), trains and helicopters!

Trucking the food up to the Finish Area.

Training up the always important Toi Toi's.

Choppering up the 'houses' to be built on the plaza.

Craning it up.  Notice the log house being 'built' on the right.
The stage is on the left rear with the white roof beams.

Almost ready - at least the stage is done.
The substantial 'tent' on the left with the BIG windows is the athletes/special people lounge.

And here is the completed log house.
Lights, Camera, Action!!  Time for the SHOW!

Well - this is the progression we have observed every day as we walked from our hotel to the train station.  It was fun to track the progress and to see the transformed plaza last night - JAMMED with people.  It might also be noted that all the white tents you see in the pictures are food and drink tents.  One of which serves the BEST thin crust pizza - another of which serves a great raclette - and another for Gluwein!  We know because this was dinner last night and likely to be again for the next two nights.  YUM;-)

Hope you enjoyed seeing our little village for the week and how it transformed for this event.  (Park City could really learn a thing or two about pedestrian areas!!)  It is a lot of fun to be a part of this BIG PARTY - and the American racers are making it even more fun!!  (More on that to come ----------)

From your Party Animals in Wengen - E & G


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