Sunday, January 8, 2012

Feels Like Home

VERONA.  How happy to be back - and how much we missed our old stomping grounds.  (This is where we lived and took Italian for a month at a time in each of 2006, 2007 and 2008.) 

Our friends, Judy & Tim, in the little village of Colognola ai Colli - just outside of Verona - again opened their home to us for a few nights.  Back in 'our' room, we felt right at home - views of the castle in Soave across the valley and all!  (Yes - Soave, the white wine.)

VERY late nights of catching up, eating and drinking filled our time for the next few days.  As did a trip into Verona to reminisce.  Visiting our favorite piazza - Piazza Erbe - and a fantastic dinner in town were highlights.

 Piazza Erbe with all its Christmas decorations!  

After sleeping in and a ski race on the tele, on the second day we were off to Vicenza - a neighbor of Verona's.  We lucked into a market day on the main piazza there -

Market day outside the Palladian structure in the main piazza.

AND - enjoyed the obligatory caffe -

A quick espresso in a Vicenza cafe.

Lunch was in a nearby little village that was charming!!  Also, had a wonderful little restaurante with VERY good food;-)

We haven't really had too much to drink!

This bar was located in an old ice house.

After lunch, we definitely needed a walk through the town - so off we went up and down the hills to see the sights -

Judy, Tim and Elizabeth.

The old and the newer.


The end of the day, and time to return to Colognola ai Colli for our last evening with Judy & Tim.  The full moon guided our way and was a perfect 'good-bye' sight over the castle.

Ancient castle in Soave, not far from Verona.

We will be sad to leave, but are on to another adventure of ski races and new places in Wengen, Switzerland - and will reconnect with Judy & Tim in a week in Kitzbuehel for the races there.

More in a few days - E & G from just outside Verona

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