Saturday, October 29, 2011

"Run Ragged" by Haley

Have you missed us?  Instead of the Trail of the Ancients for the last week - we have been looking at the future with Granddaughter Haley who has kept us busy with dance classes, sleepovers, entertaining in a teepee, hunting for pumpkins, picking cotton, getting face paintings, dinners, shopping and other fun events -


Dance class is fuuuunnnnn!

C'mon Gramps, you can at least try to fit in here.

This one..or this one..or, hey, look at this one over here.

The corn box is COOOOL.

Bales of fun, or, too corny?

Cheeky bas.....ds.


We're having a cotton-pickin good time.
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Amazing what you can't find at the pizza parlor.

Isn't she cute??

A couple of rounds of golf and an ‘adult’ dinner with Mom and Dad managed to find their way into the busy schedule also.  
All in all - a lot of fun in Lemoore;-)
See you in Scottsdale - E & G

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