Wednesday, December 28, 2011

November AND December?!?!?!

Gosh - could it really be true that we have left you all hanging for TWO months?  Waiting breathlessly for tales of our next adventure?  Can't believe we did that to you.

November highlights included a wonderful Birthday celebration for a couple of people with lots of friends  - on the golf course, of course!!

The Birthday Ladies.. Elizabeth and Rheta

Celebrate with a little help from their friends

And then there was a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner at Barb & Andrew's.

In between, we were spending a lot of time with flooring, kitchen, shutters, closet, etc. people - trying to get ideas in order for our new townhouse in the Kierland Heritage area of Scottsdale!!!  Exciting - BUT, a lot to take care of.

Immediately after Thanksgiving, we headed home to hit the road again.  Off to Beaver Creek for the World Cup ski races with lots of friends.  Our friend Ted did not disappoint - as he took second in the first GS race and won the second race.

The Ted Ligety fan club front and center in the pink and green hats.

Then it was finally back to Park City to get the house in order for showing and to get ready for a family Christmas.  On December 21st niece Deme and Mother Dorthy arrived followed by sister Barb and brother-in-law Andrew the following day.  We all had a GREAT time skiing and enjoying visiting, even though the weather did not bless us with a lot of snow;-(  In between, Gary made a quick trip to LA to celebrate with his Mother, daughter and granddaughter;-)

Four generations celebrate Eloise's 90th birthday.

Haley enjoyed her visit with Santa.

Deme inspects her stocking.  Merry Christmas to all...

NOW - we are off to Austria for the KaiserBall on New Year's Eve.  Will post as many pictures as we can.

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL - with love, Elizabeth & Gary

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