Wednesday, October 12, 2011

!!!Balloon Fiesta!!!

Have you missed us?? Did you think we fell off a mesa??
NO - It has just taken this long to sort through the 1,000+ pictures Gary took at the BALLOON FIESTA;-) Needless to say we had a blast! Of course, it really helps to know someone flying balloons - especially the wonderful ‘Special Shapes’.
Although the weather did not entirely cooperate with the Fiesta - it did let our friends, Mark & Dianne, inflate their Special Shapes - Gizzmo, Hopper T Frog and Pumpkinhead - so we could see them (along with thousands of other spectators). We even got to help with the process - which starts VERY early in the morning!!

Mark & Dianne's crew assemble to begin the inflation of Gizzmo, Hopper T Frog & Pumpkinhead.
Getting Gizzmo ready.

Getting inflated! Pumpkinhead in back, Hopper T Frog in the middle and Gizzmo in front.

Gizzmo is ready to go.

The awesome trio - Pumpkinhead, Hopper T Frog and Gizzmo.

Dianne & Mark enjoying the morning revelry.

The Shapes Days are really special - so, even my friend Kacy drove in from Santa Fe to visit and see them -

Our friend Kacy paid us a visit.

After two and a half days of cancelled events due to wind, pouring rain and even snow -

Fresh snow on the mountains above the launch field. Good thing Elizabeth brought her parka.

we finally got to see a ‘Mass Ascension’! What a sight to see;-) Again, the Shapes are really Special -

This is how Old Glory was presented during the Star Spangled Banner

The variety and number of balloons were amazing.

Preparing for lift off??

The weather finally cooperated to let the evening ‘Glow’ take place. This is awesome to see all the balloons inflated on the field and ‘glowing’.

The evening Glowdeo was a wonderful display, though quite a challenge to photograph.

The Sunday morning ‘Farewell Mass Ascension’ is unbelievable! Hundreds of balloons inflating on the field getting ready to fly and hundreds in the air - and thousands of people to watch. You have to be here - but, Gary did a pretty good job of capturing the sights -

Elizabeth chatting up one of the launch officials.
Kinda looks like W.C Fields doesn't he?

Couldn't get enough of the mass ascension.

Any doubt which ones are the Race for the Cure entries?

No joke.

As you wish.

When we got back to Magic, balloons were landing all around us.

I guess, in a pinch, a pilot must take whatever landing spot presents itself.

From a balloon to the launch field, this Navy Seal is presenting the Colors.

After all this excitement and long days (up at 4 to take in the morning events and not back until after 9 with the ‘Glow’ and fireworks!!), we were ready for some relaxation time with friends Kathryn & Robert in Santa Fe. They were kind enough to show us some unexpected, non-tourist sights, including the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos. If you are ever in Santa Fe - this is a must see as it is most unusual.
Millicent Rogers (1902-1953) grew up in New York within privilege and wealth and she was often referred to in the press as the “Standard Oil Heiress,” since it was her grandfather, H.H. Rogers who was the co-founder with John D. Rockefeller of the Standard Oil Trust. Rogers came to Taos in 1947 with a heart broken by Clark Gable, and physically weakened by rheumatic fever as a child. She moved here, completely taken by the landscape and the Native American art in its many forms - and became an avid collector.
At the Millicent Rogers Museum, one enjoys many outstanding historical collections of Native American art and jewelry, contemporary paintings, weavings, and pottery, including the Maria Martinez family collection. Also showcased at MRM are hispanic textiles, metalwork and sculpture, as well as a wide range of contemporary Anglo-European Southwestern Art. Don’t miss it!
Oh yes, there were a couple of wonderful dinners, lunches and even a round of golf squeezed in with Kathryn and Robert during the couple of days in Santa Fe.

Incognito golfers. A great day spent with Robert and Kathryn.
Deflated and back on earth - E & G

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  1. I am amazed by the beautiful photos and gorgeous scenery. Dennis and I will be retiring in June and trying to do the same thing you two are doing only in our 38'fifth wheel. We need some tips! (the first of which is how to correct a typo like this google "Dennis &")