Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Passing Time in Red Bay

Many days while in Red Bay, one is consumed with either the work that is being done or being available to move the coach when you get “the call”.  However, there are many days – especially week-ends – when there is free time and one looks for activities to occupy time.  Some potential activities include the plant tour (covered in a prior post), tour of the paint plant, day trips and golf on the local course. 

The paint plant is a location we did not get to during our last trip to Red Bay even though everyone says this is a must see.  So – it was added to our schedule this year AND it is fascinating!!  Once one checks in at the guardhouse, it is free access to the facility with a map in hand to figure out what is going on in each of the stations.  The pictures will give you a good idea of the process – but, the basic steps are 1) application of the base coat, 2) taping of the computer produced graphic, 3) painting of the various coats/graphics, 4) inspection, 5) paint repair/correction, 6) clear coating, and 7) final inspection.  We were incredibly surprised at how much of the painting process is manual and not automated.  (Also, for those who are not familiar with the Tiffin product, it is important to note that all the ‘designs’ ARE paint and NOT decals as is true with some manufacturers. )  Here it is in pics – 

Base color has been applied.

Biggest piece of contact paper I have ever seen - computer generated graphics

Applying the mask for the painted graphics.

An all manual process - takes LOTS of hands 

The process of painting the graphics begins

Another layer added.

More paint layers have been applied to create the multi colored graphics.
Through inspection - corrected - Clear coat applied.

Another activity is visiting the surrounding area.  Prior posts have talked about our weekend trip to Florence/Muscle Shoals to play golf on two of the Robert Trent Jones Trail courses and investigation of that area and dinner drives to surrounding towns.  A drive to the west about 2 hours takes one to Oxford, Mississippi – home to the University of Mississippi or Ole Miss.  The town of Oxford is centered around the Courthouse Square – 

Good lunch spots around "The Square".

-- and around the University, with its welcoming entry –

Perhaps one remembers that Ole Miss came into the spotlight in 1962 when a black student attempted to enroll in the university.  Although the Federal Court issued an order to admit James Meredith,  the State authorities would not uphold the Order and Kennedy deployed Federal troops to escort him onto the campus.  Gives one pause for thought as you stand on the sidewalk at the entry to the administration building.

The Lyceum.

Go Rebels!

Then, of course, there is golf.  Even here in Red Bay there is a very nice 18 hole course where it costs $59 (total) for two golfers with a cart – AND you can have a PRIVATE course!!

Lunch break mid-fairway - you can do what you want on your Private course!!!

One car in the parking lot...ours.

But – I think it is time to move on.  Ever hopeful that Magic might be put back together tomorrow and we shall be on our way;-)

Ever hopeful – E & G

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