Monday, September 23, 2013

Dances of the Coaches

A week day at the Tiffin/Allegro service center in Red Bay goes like this - - -

 It’s 6:30AM and the sun is barely peeking over the horizon –

Time to get going!!
BUT, the campground is up, awake and the dance is ready to begin;-)  Because, at 6:30AM the service bays open up and are ready for the day’s business.

Come on in!
At 6:35 the coaches see the bays open and all those with ‘bay assignments’ rev their engines and begin “the dance”.  They move from their parking spaces weaving in and out of the line of coaches along the runway like a well choreographed waltz - -

On the move.

- - - and make their way into their assigned bay - - -

Here I Am.

- - until all the bays are full –

The starting buzzer sounds and work begins.

- - and the runway parking spots are almost empty (the only ones left in the parking spaces are the unlucky ones still waiting for an assignment – or maybe they are lucky enough to have the ‘mobile staff’ coming to them!) - -

Bays Full - Campground half empty.

I know – guess you have to be here – pictures don’t do it justice;-(  But, it is pretty funny that in 15 minutes time the campground goes from silence to awake, 50 coaches moving, juggling for position and silence again.  Guess when you are in this situation even the littlest thing intrigues and entertains you;-)

Next posting will give you ideas of what we do in Red Bay when not overseeing activity in the service bay?!?!?!

Hold on to your hat – E & G doing our dance in Red Bay

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