Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Park City Highlights

Since last we left you – it has continued to rain – and rain – and rain.  It has not inhibited any of our activities, however, and is much needed.  Like the monsoons in Arizona, the storms move thru quickly mostly in the late afternoon or evening.  This does mean that for most of our concerts we have made VERY good use of all our rain gear!!  Especially this past weekend when we had three consecutive nights of concerts;-)

In between the music we have played golf on our regular three days a week schedule (Monday, Wednesday & Friday) – some days with old friends and some days with new friends we have met in the Park.

AND – lots of dinners.  Back in the land of 2-4-1’s – we have made good use of those coupons.  Some dinners have been with old friends here at the Bus – including a pizza party with friends Sarah, Eric, their two boys (6 years and 4 years) and grandparents.  Cash, the 6 year old, made all the pizzas!!  He really took to it –

Chef Cash..tossin pizza dough.

Our young moose was also back this week.  She seemed to make herself at home right in the middle of all the coaches here in the PC RV Park!!  Most of all she LOVED all the flowers.  And, after a little snack of all the pink roses in the park she felt soooo at home she just plunked down to take a little rest – 

This young moose liked the flowers in our campground.

Eating flowers is hard work..think I'll take a break.

I've got my eye on you - don't come any closer!!

This morning's entertainment was the landing of the morning balloon excursions adjacent to the RV Park;-)

All in all – a VERY good week with never a dull moment.  Hope yours was a good one too  – E & G 

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