Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy 4th of July - OMG

We are movin’ on up!  Our reserved spot was waiting for us when we arrived in Park City – the one with the gazebo.  We love it –

Magic's great parking spot at the Park City RV Resort

Then – the value of the neighborhood went up significantly when the Prevost pulled in next to us.  It took our breath away (picture does NOT do it justice) –

Magic's new neighbor, a beautiful Marathon Prevost.

Of course there is still a bit of ‘riff-raff’, but they are banished to the lower forty –

Should we change Magic's color scheme?

It is like old home week here in the park as two of the other Alegro Buses that were here last year are back again (we went thru these Buses last year when we were looking) and other friends that we met last year are also back.  Lots of dinners, game nights and happy hours are in our future here;-)

Also – 4th of July activities have already begun!  As most of you probably know, E will go to as many fireworks displays as available during this time.  So, off to some friends house last night in Tuhaye, where they do a display for their club.  We had front row seats.  Let the 4th begin –

Some of the fireworks show seen from the patio of our friends Jim and Dyan.

Tonight we are off to the Canyons for fireworks and then the BIG PC display on Thursday.  AND – just found out that Ted Ligety is the Grand Marshal of this year’s Park City parade;-)  Much more on that with pics in a couple of days.

HAPPY 4TH TO YOU ALL – Fireworks Happy E & G

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