Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pomp and Pageantry

While sitting at the Tiffin Rally, we discovered it was Fleet Week in Portland, with both US and Canadian Navy ships coming into port! So - we were off to spend the day in Portland and check it all out.

While wandering the streets of the downtown Portland area - which was quite charming-

Our World in Flowers! (Elizabeth is near the NW corner of Oregon.)

A beautiful old church - founded in 1851.

We needed one of these umbrellas on a regular basis the past two weeks.

waiting for the ships to come in, we came upon a Marine Combat Center Show Band doing RAP!!! Naturally we had to stop, listen and get pictures of this.

Huh... Marine RAP?

Semper fi, homies.

About 3PM, the bridges all started to go up - and there were the Navy ships in all their wonder along with the ‘fire boat brigade’! What a site to see and how much fun -

The Escort - Amazing!

The USS LAKE CHAMPLAIN getting ready to dock on the Willamette River.

After learning lots, a discussion with Bob Tiffin, enjoying the meals and entertainment - we said a fond farewell to our many new friends and headed back to Ashland for Brian Campbell’s graduation (our Godson). We were the beneficiaries of the Campbell family hospitality and a VERY HAPPY GRADUATION CEREMONY. Way to go Brian -

Pretend you can hear Pomp and Circumstance as it is being played by the SOU Orchestra.

Way to go Brian!

Visitin' on the porch.

Now it is time to head Magic for home. So, we say a sad farewell to all of you for the time being. BUT - we will be back;-)

Much love to you all - and thanks for joining us in our adventures -

Elizabeth & Gary from our Magic Bus;-)

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