Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Bridges, Tunnels, Mountains and Rally...OH MY

There is a VERY long Indian legend about how the Indians prayed for a way to cross the mighty Columbia River and a landslide occurred creating a stone dam/bridge across the river. Today, there is just the Bridge of the Gods. Which we, of course, had to take -

Bridge of the Gods

on our way to another GREEN Dot road - with lots of tunnels right along the Columbia River -

More than 40 trains a day pass through this tunnel.

The destination was Indian Creek Golf Course, which is framed by snowcapped mountains - north is Mt. St. Helens and south is Mt. Hood. Beautiful -

Mount Hood from the Indian Creek Golf Course.

Our next move was a whopping 80 miles to the base of Mt. Hood and the Tiffin Rally. Tiffin is Magic’s creator - and the Rally includes 150 brothers and sisters of Magic!! A VERY weird feeling to walk down the road and see multiple Magic’s.

Haven't seen this many Tiffin coaches in one place since we were at the factory
in Red Bay, Alabama last year at this time.

We are learning a lot - and getting a lot of FREE work done on Magic!! A great perk. The conversations with other Tiffin owners are also quite informative and enlightening - as there is always someone else with your same problems. Tonight is a dinner with the California Cowboys entertaining - so we have our dancing shoes on.

One shout out for the Ladies of Arizona State University and their Softball Championship - WAY TO GO LADIES!!!!

Next report will be from Ashland - E & G from the Rally;-)

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