Thursday, May 26, 2011

Just Thoughts and Observations

It was a rainy day to start, so we decided that a car trip was the order of the day. Corvallis was our target - we could investigate the Oregon State campus and whatever else came our way.

What a delightful afternoon. The little shopping area (we assumed it to be the old downtown area) adjacent to the campus was a wonderful little walking area with our kind of shops - sports, camera, men’s and kitchen shops. Oh yes - and the proverbial Starbucks! Couldn’t ask for anymore than all of that.

The Oregon State campus was beautiful and charming. There was a baseball game about to start (perhaps you would remember that the underdog Oregon State won the College World Series in 2006!?!?) - and, had it not been for the rain and cold, we surely would have clambered into the stadium to take in the game.

The thought struck us on the drive back to Magic - we had just driven 50+ miles (one way) for an afternoon’s activity. This was twice the distance we had moved Magic some of our days wandering up the coast of California and Oregon!!!! But, the drive was beautiful and the activity was FUN!! So - who cares???

No pictures on this outing - just thoughts and observations.

More later - Wandering Souls (E & G) from rainy Oregon

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