Sunday, May 1, 2011

A GREEN Dot Day;-)

Today was a really FUN day - and the kind we really love. Only about 130 miles - but 4 hours. “Why?” - you might ask. Because the road was a “green dot” road (ie - a scenic route), which means beautiful, very narrow, two lane, tree covered - and just to make it really interesting - Napa Valley threw in a bike rally. But, we loved every minute of it - and Magic performed wonderfully;-)

Narrow - 2 Lane - Sharing with Bicycle Rally.

Tree Covered - Working our way to the coast.

Lunch time at our version of a McDonald's drive thru.

Narrow - Damaged - But Beautiful Stands of Redwoods.

Mid-afternoon - after a month and a half on the road - we reached the coast of California, the primary destination of this Spring trip. Our home for the next couple of nights is adjacent to the beach just north of Mendocino -

A few shots along the cove adjacent to our campground.

Good Night

Tomorrow Mendocino and Fort Bragg will ‘entertain‘ us - and reports will follow.

As I am writing this, we are listening to the President informing us that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Another reason to celebrate this day - and at the same time remember that horrible day in 2001. All I can say is “Thank God - Justice at Last!”.

Peace to all of you - Elizabeth & Gary

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