Friday, April 2, 2010

Old Friends

Well - we have spent the last week enjoying old friends!

After Fredericksburg we headed to Austin and more GREEN. We checked out the famous/infamous Oasis for dinner and the sunset, wandered South congress and drove through the University of Texas campus.

We had company (the Maisels)

over to Magic for brunch - then played a round of golf with Chris on a beautiful course (Barton Creek - Canyons) followed up

with a lovely dinner with incredible views at the Maisel home:-) It is the ‘catching up with old friends’ part that really makes our day.

Beautiful day of golf with Chris.

Then it was time to head on down the road to Houston - and the Lane’s ‘ranch’. What a treat to stay on such a beautiful, green, wooded piece of property:-) Although, I must say, poor Bill did not know what he was in for when he said “come on down and park next to my fifth wheel”. I think we used every 2x12 that he had on the property to try and level Old Magic - only ‘punching’ one major hole in his driveway while doing it. Then we really tested Bill’s electrical skills in trying to get everything working in Old Magic. In the end - everything was in working order and we didn’t lean to one side while walking from front to back of the bus:-)

Well, let's see...if we use four 2 x 12, a few 2 x 6 and the cut the tree limbs back a few inches - or how many men does it take to level a BUS?!?!

Looks like we are ready to go airborne here

Aw crap, we've ruined Bill and Louise's driveway. They will never invite us back again.

Now it was time to really enjoy the angora goats, the beauty - and, oh yes, Bill and Louise. We spent a lot of time on their back porch just visiting and watching the 20 goats, 3 guard donkeys, 2 cats and 1 dog eat, sleep, play and ‘check us out’. We even had more old friends - Dale & Judi Stephenson - drive down from Dallas to visit for an afternoon - which required more sitting on the porch:-) AND the sitting on the porch also required a lot of eating, drinking, visiting, bond fires, etc., etc., etc.! What more could one ask for?!?!

A tough day on the porch - Bill, Louise, Judi, Dale & E

What a beautiful spread.

Will the guard donkey bite??

The lady angora goats get to roam

The top dog.. er.. goat.

The rest of the males. Hmm mm, where did they hide the ladies.

A BIG THANK YOU TO BARBARA & CHRIS, JUDI & DALE and LOUISE & BILL for making our stay in Austin and Houston a wonderful couple of days!!!! We hope to see all y’all again SOON.

Now we are making a frantic dash to Cape Canaveral, as we just learned there is a shuttle launch Monday morning at 6:15AM. Will give you that update after the week end.

We hope that you all have a wonderful week end and a VERY HAPPY EASTER:-)

Elizabeth & Gary (and Magic)

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  1. G&E - Happy Easter to you guys too! Saw Chris and Dale in Denver last Saturday, but relaxing in Texas sounds much better. We're up at the Lake with Mom & Dad, heading down to Linda's family for Easter, and if the rain lets up, we'll sneak in a round of golf this afternoon (played three times in Scottsdale). Looking forward already to seeing you in PC in July - less than 3 months work left for me!!