Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Byrne Family of 5

WOW!!! What a week we had in Beaufort with the Byrne Family of Five!!

After leaving the Everglades, we made one quick stop in Titusville (near Cape Canaveral), played a round of golf and rested up for the triplets - so we thought.

We arrived in Beaufort on Friday, April 16, just in time for the March of Dimes 5K on Saturday. Gary and I thought it would be a lot of fun to join Bethany, David, Olivia and George (YEAH - Samuel is home but this walk would have been a little much for him) on this fine Saturday morning to support a good cause. Little did we know we were walking with ‘royalty’. The morning started with Bethany taking the award for ‘top individual money raiser’. AND - Everyone in Beaufort knows the Byrne family - so it took us a little time to get going, as everyone had to come up and talk. While we are experienced at these walks - we have never pushed a TRIPLE stroller in one before. That in itself is a novelty - then you put these cute little ones in it - and you have quite a show stopper!

The March of Dimes walkers getting organized

George the preppie one

The Byrne family team hits the road

David, Bethany, Olivia and George at the halfway mark.

Us too

The rest of the week we just had a BLAST!! We played, danced, went to the park, played - in general, we enjoyed Olivia, George and Samuel - and Bethany and David!

The pictures can tell the story.

Finally figured out how to hold Samuel without knocking his trache hose off the connection (which we did 3 times in the first ten minutes:-(().

Olivia finally decided that Gary was not an ogre (this took the whole week!).

Olivia staring Gary down.

George's "Argh" face

Hmmmmm, I guess the big guys is okay

Olivia's swinging encounter.

I like this slide thingey

What a great week - Thanks to the Byrne Family of 5 for sharing with us:-)) As always - it was very hard to leave, but all good things must come to an end. We promised to make this an annual event and to return Spring of 2011 - if not before.

Next stop cousins Dodge and Jeanie in Atlanta.

Worn out by the triplets - Elizabeth & Gary

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