Saturday, April 18, 2009

Homeward Bound :(

The last three days have really been 'travel' days - with lots of museums and unexpected delights along the way.

Thursday we left the Mr. Rushmore area via Spearfish Canyon - another beautiful drive. We did, however, dodge the latest snow storm the entire day. In fact, news of the weather ahead of us (the same storm that just 'dumped' 3 ft in the Denver area and closed I70) caused us to stop a little early in Buffalo, WY. This was fine because we needed to do a load of laundry to get home and I spotted a good-looking steak place for dinner. Friday morning we were still watching the weather - waiting to be sure the 10,000' pass we had to go over that morning to Cody would be clear by the time we got there. Another beautiful drive with a lot of new snow along the road but only slush for us to drive through.

So - we arrived in Cody mid-afternoon ready to spend the rest of the day in the Bill Cody Museum. Another small disappointment - the western art section was closed while they were relocating the display to another portion of the museum. We enjoyed the remaining exhibits, but were really looking forward to seeing what we couldn't. This just means another trip back. Perhaps after June 1st next time to also see the nightly rodeo! We were rewarded with another good steak dinner, entertainment from a talent contest and a few good dances at a local 'hot spot' we wandered into! So - all in all - another good day.

Saturday led us to the most unexpected 'find' in the most unexpected place! We were following the pertinent section of a particular 'road trip' visiting all the noted museums - in towns of 350, 3500 people, etc - not huge metropolises. While in the photo museum in Meeteetse (population 35o) we learned of a 'chocolatier' next door. Well - we had to check this out - and OMG!! A true cowboy/rodeo bronc rider was the owner and 'chocolatier' who made everything in the shop (no one but him was allowed in the kitchen!). He started this 'vocation' after being proded by his mother when he needed money to buy a new bronc saddle. He made a few items and took them to a rodeo in Cody - and sold everything! This was the beginning of something wonderful. This is not average/normal stuff. It is wonderful Belgium chocolate chipotle mousse with a sea salt carmel sauce, Belgium dark chocolate with Bailey's truffle brownie, etc. etc. etc. In case you have any interest, Tim has a website - . Eat your heart out - we did!! From here the rest of the day was just a drive.

Butch and Sundance frequented this Hole in the Wall Bar.

Bellying up just like Butch and the Kid.

Drawing of a precursor to our Magic Bus. 

A forerunner to our current motor home.

Yes, I now get the Senior Pass at the National Parks, but I am not THAT old.

Tomorrow we will be home after 5 weeks and 3 days on the road - and just under 7,000 miles. We have seen desert, rolling hills, beautiful pink and white flowering trees along the road, ranches and farms. We have survived tornado, severe thunderstorm, flash flood and snow storm warnings. Animals of all types have waved to us as we have passed them by in our travels. Golf courses challenged us along the way. And - oh yes - those three babies that gave us the reason for the trip are adorable!!

The 'Magic Bus' performed wonderfully and has been a dream. So - we will be home 2 days to let it rest before we set out for California on Tuesday!! Hope you have enjoyed this trip with us - and enjoy those to come.

More later - E&G

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing trip! I have been following you all the way through the golf and the fog, rain, branches crashing on top of you and most of all those beautiful babies. I don't think I'll ever be able to adequately express my wonderful feelings that you could both be with and help Bethany, David, Olivia, George, and Samuel. We make a great family! Love Mo