Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Alabama to Beaufort, SC

Well - when last I left you we were getting lots of rain in AL and hoping for one more good golf day. We got it! We played the last of the Robert Trent Jones golf trail courses on Sunday in Auburn/Opelika and had a very nice day. The rain held off - the sun came out - and we were paired with another couple from Minnesota that played about like us. So - all was well.

After the round of golf we went in search of a Starbuck's for the internet connection. We became the 'techie couple on the road'! We found that we could get the wifi connection in the Bus - so sat in the parking lot working on the computer. Gary decided that he wanted to test the satellite, as we had not been able to get it to work in the state park - assuming due to all the trees blocking the reception. So - he cranked up the dish and low and behold we had great reception of the Bay Hill Classic (you know - the one where that guy Tiger that has not played golf for 8 months sank a 20+ foot putt on the last hole to win the tournament!!). Then, we decided to see if we could get Heather and Haley on the skype connection to see what was going on with them and had a nice conversation. So - there we were - in the Magic Bus working on the computer with a skype conversation with Heather and Haley watching golf! What could be any better than all of that?!?

Monday morning we finally left Alabama and headed to Beaufort. We ventured through Atlanta so that we could have lunch and a very nice conversation with cousin Dodge. We were very sorry that Jeanie could not join us and to hear of the recent passing of her Mother. The ears of everyone in the family should be burning as we touched on all of you!!

We arrived in Hunting State Park (our home for the next week) just outside of Beaufort very late Monday night. But, we were up and on our way to Charleston very early Tuesday morning to see Bethany and the babies.

Elizabeth holding George

THEY ARE SO CUTE - AND SO TINY!! I even got to hold George and tell Olivia and Samuel stories. We had a wonderful time spending the day with them all and David drove in to see the kids in the afternoon and we all went to dinner before we returned to Beaufort. Right now they are hoping that George and Olivia will go home on Friday. In anticipation that this does happen - and Gary and I do some babysitting the first of next week - Gary and I are taking a baby CPR course and baby monitor course (Olivia would most likely go home with a monitor on) tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon. YIKES!!

Olivia in her usual "tongue sticking out" position.  

Most of today we have been doing errands - like laundry, grocery shopping, taking care of the Bus - AND FINDING AN INTERNET CONNECTION!! This is the hardest it has been to find one. No Starbucks, the library is closed until the end of the week for inventory, etc. etc. etc. Finally found a coffee shop with quite a nice wifi area - so here we are.

You will get much more on the babies in the next posting. Until then - prayers to keep them all healthy. More later - E&G

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  1. It is so great to have you two here!!! Besides the comfort and happiness you have brought just by being in town... what a huge help you have already been. Thank you :) I LOVE the magic bus!