Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Down on the Singley Farm

What a GREAT week-end.  Nancy and Mike opened their 'farm' to friends Gary, Chuck and us.  Three days of eating, visiting, drinking, eating, redecorating (the living room with a new fireplace!!), eating, sightseeing (a sad, burning up, ghost town - Centralia), eating, drinking, reminiscing, playing games, MORE eating and just enjoying each other's company in a beautiful setting;-)

Our hosts, Nancy and Mike.

A view of the Singley Farm from above - the house (in the trees) and barn (and Magic!).  

Magic's terrific parking spot....

...and the beautiful view from Magic's front window.

The 'Gang' -  Nancy, Mike and Maggie and our friends from Wisconsin, Chuck and Gary.

Even our departure was beautiful - AND NARROW!
A fabulous week-end!!  A BIG THANK-YOU to Nancy and Mike for sharing their home with us.

(We DID make a stop in Woodstock on our way to the Singley Farm.  The residents there are definitely still stuck in the 60's!  Lots of fun.)

Heading West - Home in a week - E & G

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