Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Door County

The last few days have been wonderfully spent in Door County, WI with friends Gary and Chuck.  Our introduction was thru our campsite in Egg Harbor - which was adjacent to the golf course we played and in the middle of an apple orchard.   A beautiful spot to spend a few days --

Magic's Door County Digs.
We had lots of fun exploring the many harbors of Door Co - beginning with Egg Harbor - our home base.

Strolling Egg Harbor.
After spending one day exploring the western side of the peninsula, which is the shoreline of Green Bay, we ventured to the eastern side of the peninsula, which is on the Lake Michigan side.

Cherry Mimosas with our friends (and very capable guides) Gary and Chuck on Lake Michigan.

Cherries and apples are everywhere in Door County.  There is cherry pie, chocolate cherries, cherry juice (used in mimosas instead of OJ!), cherry salsa, etc. etc. etc.  There are also lots of lighthouses.

One of many local light houses.

We golfed in this apple orchard.

There are lots of other unusual sights - all very charming ---

I guess the goats are cheaper than having your roof mown.

Old barn..old truck.

AND - we saw the first of our fall colors in Door County ---

Fall colors are beginning already.

Can't eat any more cherries - so must be time to move on.  Many thanks to friends, Gary and Chuck, who entertained us in one of their favorite spots.

Appreciative of friends, yet again - E & G on the move

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