Wednesday, July 23, 2014

One More Week in Paradise

Don't know how we keep up the torrid pace - but, we manage.  We managed three more days of golf (at $25/person including cart!!!!), several more dinners with friends (where we learned much more about the Olympic trials and tribulations),  a drive to Bear Lake via the Mirror Lake Highway---

Where's the moose?  Perfect location..but not today.

Morning at Mirror Lake.
Ya think??
---- and several more hikes.  Perhaps the most interesting was our little adventure up to "Keith's Meadow" where we dodged various storm cells to avoid getting struck by lightening or drenched with the downpours ---

I choose to believe all the seeds we spread in this meadow over the years contributed to these wildflowers.

Looking over Park City from atop Guardsman Pass as the storm cells come and go

We found good cover during one outburst.

Much needed rain - made it back to the car just in time!

---and perhaps one of the most beautiful was the hike to Catherine's Pass, which is in Little Cottonwood Canyon above Alta ski area.  This area is known for the summer wild flowers - and they were beautiful!  Our timing could not have been better for the floral carpets.  (The pictures do not do the flowers justice.)

A beautiful panoramic view of the Albion Basin area.

Sally and E at the top of the Pass looking toward Brighton

Ahhhh!  Another week under our belt - leaving just a little over two weeks in Park City.

E & G with too much to do and so little time to do it;-)

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