Monday, April 18, 2011


The past few days have been a lot of fun with Haley - the Spring performance at school (2/3 year olds), a walk to Mommie’s work with a picnic lunch at the park, Chinese food dinner, Easter egg hunt at school and dinner and a sleep over at Magic with Gramma and Gramps -

Spring Pageant - The Butterfly Song

Aren't we cute?

Hopscotchin' on the chessboard.

Where's the fourwheelin trail?

Always tastes better with chopsticks.

Getting ready for the Easter egg hunt.

Holy-Moley, look at all the people!

Here's one!! bucket is almost full!

Whipping up some bouillabaisse with gramps.

Time for another sleepover in the Magic Bus.

Mmmmm, I've never had apples with caramel sauce before.

Good morning Gramma. Do you want to hold any of my animals?

After all this fun, we are now on our way to some National Parks - Sequoia, King’s Canyon and Yosemite - and the natural beauty our country has to offer. We must say that we are VERY happy our Congress got it together and passed a budged ‘fix’ - as we have become quite enamored with our NP’s and think they are a wonderful experience (and value) for all;-) We will share with you in a couple of days -

Love to all - E & G

PS - Don’t EVER bother to stay at the KOA Avi Casino just outside of Laughlin!!

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