Monday, July 26, 2010

NOT Much Motivation

OK - so here is another day.

Not sure we showed you our new campsite at Telkwa - but, here it is -

A view from our campsite in Telkwa, BC

Again, we had BIG plans for this Monday - a bike ride, a walk down Main Street in Smithers, maybe a hike in the afternoon, check out the golf course, etc, etc, etc. Know how much we got to???? Let’s just say it was a VERY lazy day. We both so enjoy the view out our ‘living room picture window’ that we spent most of the morning mesmerized by the flowing river (which is about like watching a fire). Not sure what reduces us to ‘couch potatoes’ the most - the sight or the sound of the rushing water.

A room with a view. (If you can see past G's BIG feet)

Around 11 we finally drug ourselves to Smithers - Telkwa’s ‘sister’ town. Smithers is another RR town which came into being in 1913 - as a construction crew site for the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway - and is named for one-time chairman of the railway, A.W. Smithers. Smithers is like a smaller version of Park City. It has a population of about 5,000 and sits amidst rugged mountains crowned by the monumental presence of Hudson Bay Mountain and its popular ski area. Its red-bricked Main Street is graced by alpine-flavored architecture and murals celebrating the Bulkley Valley landscapes and alpine themes. There’s even an alpenhorn player statue welcoming all to Main St.

Main Street, Smithers, BC, with the conductor sticking out of the KBUS on the left.

We shopped up and down Main St., visited with all the locals in the shops, contributed to the local economy and finally enjoyed a bite at the recommended lunch spot - where it just happened to be ‘martini day’. It was such a beautiful day - we couldn’t have asked for anything more -

Another rough day doin' lunch.

This was all more than we could handle for one day - so we headed back to Magic to put our feet up and enjoy that river view out our ‘living room picture window’;-))

OK - OK - so a little exercise on this lazy day would be a good thing. Perhaps a ‘short’ hike to Twin Falls would be in order. After our lovely dinner looking at the fabulous river view, a drive to the other end of Smithers, through a very narrow, heavy forested canyon took us to the trailhead. After about a mile straight uphill through a ‘fog’ of mosquitos - here are the pictures for you -

Twin Falls, no not Montana this time, British Columbia.

Enough light left to capture this shot at 9:30 pm.

A point of interest - these pictures of the falls were taken at about 9:30PM - without any flash!! Not much darkness up in this neck of the woods.

Well - that finished another wonderful day in our adventure. Tomorrow is another travel day AND we are SOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!! We begin the trek ‘North to Alaska’ on the Cassiar Highway. We have heard exciting news about our stop for the next couple of nights, which we will check out and report about to you in the next posting;-))

Much Love to All - XOXOXOXO - E & G

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