Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family, Family, Family

SO - We did have a wonderful couple of days in Lemoore with the Hengsteler clan. The best part was the babysitting:-) We enjoyed walks, swings and slides with Haley and Joseph and Elizabeth did some baking - mmmmm - good cookies! We will let the pictures tell the story -


I like this swing thing.

This slide's not so bad..

Uh oh. That's a long way down.

Wow, that was more fun than I expected!

Ooops, I'm headin sideways, somebody save me!

Heather, Haley and their friend Tara.

After a brief stop in Santa Clarita to see Eloise and Tom, we were on our way to Phoenix to spend time with the BAD group (sister Barb, brother-in-law Andrew and niece Deme), Mother Dorthy and even saw cousins Vern and Betty. Activities included the Scottsdale Arts Festival (with a great concert) and a spring training ball game. Here are the sights -

Demetra's newest creati0n.

Time for a snack.

Deme becoming part of the sculpture.

Enjoying the concert in the park.

Cousin Vern with Barb and Demetra at Cleveland Indians vs. San Diego Padres spring training

Fun in the sun with Elizabeth, Deme & Barb

E & G - 7th inning stretch.

Demetra & Unclie

Monday morning it was time to 'pack up' and head to Tombstone, AZ! We are having a blast and will write more on this when we have a MUCH better connection. See ya all again soon -

Elizabeth & Gary

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  1. Looks like fun! Wish we could have been in Scottsdale in time to see you all. Heading there tomorrow.