Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fun with Gramma and Gramps

Well, since last we left you we have been ‘grandparenting’ - and having a GREAT time at it.

We spent 6 days in Lemoore, CA on the Naval Air Base in their RV parking area. This works out perfect, as it is about 2 blocks from the Hengsteler (Heather, Shannon, Haley and Joseph) on base household - a nice walk! We played, shopped, played, ate, played, went to tumbling class, played, walked, played, got a halloween preview, played - in short - we had a wonderful time being Gramps and Gramma!!

Joseph, Heather & Haley - Dinner in the Bus

Taking a stroll to Tumbling Class

Little tunnel rat

Tumblin trio - Haley gets a kiss from BFF, Zoey

Haley observes Gramma and Gramps in tunnel of love

Kiddies in the cubbies

Get that bubble

Getting prepared for trick or treating

Gimme a kiss

There was also a ‘quick trip’ to Pasadena during this time for another ‘Touche Partner Retirement Dinner’ for OLD friend Richard Giss. It is always fun to welcome another to the ranks of the retired - as we are ever hopeful to have friends join us in our travels. We would like to make a convoy!! It is also fun to catch up with many old friends (that it seems you only see at retirement parties and funerals these days). Speaking of old friends, after Lemoore Jim Malone opened his doors to us for a few days. Here we enjoyed a little golf, a little eating and a little visiting - just perfect.

Valencia Travel Village, an RV park around the corner from Eloise (Gary’s Mother), is our home for the next few days. In case you didn’t guess - we are now out of the National Parks phase of our trip and into the ‘visiting friends and family‘ phase.

More later - Love to All - E & G

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