Friday, March 13, 2009

Gorgeous Day.. Ugly Golf

Before our late-morning scheduled round of golf we decided to take a drive through the Arches National Park.  When we checked in at the Ranger Kiosk to buy our day pass, the ranger asked if either of us was over 62.  She explained that "Seniors" could purchase an annual pass for all of the National Parks for a mere $10 dollars.  I jumped at the chance and provided my driver's license to close the deal.  The ranger very tactfully pointed out that I wouldn't be 62 until next month.  So with a red face I purchased the day pass and we were on our merry way.  (Seems to me she could have recognized I was already suffering from CRS and given us the senior deal a month early.)  We took a short - but beautiful - hike to a couple of the window arches and just about got blown off the trail with the wind gusts!!  

Our next stop was golf at the Moab course - which is 'funky' but beautiful against the red rock formations.  Our first round of the year was less than stellar - at least Gary's.  I like to think that the wind affected the golf, but that is just pure denial.  Even though, we had a fun afternoon followed by a nice walk into town for dinner.  All in all - another wonderful day - and the Bus is holding up quite well!

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  1. The mountains, the wine, the basketball, and the computer... you two have got it all! I love it! Safe - and fun - travels :)